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Time Team is an interactive website where people and organizations can be connected to take steps toward building a world where those who need help can get it. we believe that volunteering will transform you and the world around you. No matter rich or poor, we all have the one thing needed most: time.

In a spirit of generosity and mutual respect, Mojo In The Morning wanted to find a way to give back to the city that supported them throughout the years. Mojo decided that the best way to directly and positively impact Detroit was to use his microphone. Time Team was created to encourage hands-on community involvement, and Mojo In The Morning learned early-on that they could use the airwaves to mobilize hundreds of listeners who also see the rewards of helping our own community. It's a simple conclusion that adding our efforts to the work of others makes everyone's lives better. This is just the beginning... thank you for helping us build on this idea to improve the lives of neighbors and strangers.