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Mojo In The Morning has over a million listeners, but it only takes one to make a difference... That's you. This event calendar will be updated regularly with new events. We've partnered with the United Way to find quality opportunities right here in our own backyard to volunteer and meet other Mojo listeners who care about the community. You'll not only be helping those in need those, you'll be helping yourself as well with some instant karma!

Miracle League of Michigan

Time Team Detroit volunteers will join "The Mojo in the Morning Show" in playing a game of baseball with the kids of The Miracle League, which provides children with disabilities an opportunity to play baseball as a team member in an organized league.

Every child that plays in The Miracle League is partnered with an "able-bodied" helper called a "Buddy". Buddies help facilitate the disabled player in hitting, fielding, and rounding the bases. The Buddy is also responsible for protecting the player. (Example: If a player is in a wheelchair or walker, the Buddy will help get the player to the plate. If the player is not able to swing the bat, the Buddy will assist the player by holding the bat with the player to make contact with the ball. The Buddy will then follow the player around the bases and protect them from a ball that might be hit at them. In the field, the Buddy will help the player by handing them the ball and helping them throw is necessary). Learn more here

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More Events Coming Soon!
Check back often for more opportunities to help your community.